Good Medicine


“If laughter is good medicine for the soul, deep belly laughs are the pot we may smoke. I think I am finally beginning to understand that verse in scripture, “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground dies, it cannot live.”

Death ain’t such a big ole thing if you have already died to live more fully and deeply and abundantly.”

– Jeff Blake, A Year on Grace Street (October 13)


Grace Is


“There are a hundred ways to say grace. Grace is the chair in which we sit. Grace is an eraser. Grace is the red nose of a clown who blows up long balloons to form a poodle and makes us laugh. Grace is a redheaded woodpecker perched on the branch of a tree. Grace is the wings of a bird, the waves of the ocean crashing to the shore, the first coffee with a new friend, a baby’s cry, a candle chasing the blues away. Grace is the evening sun that turns the trunks and roots bronze. Grace is the first magnificent light of the early morning when the earth is more still.”

– Jeff Blake, Traveling on Grace Street

God For Us

** Listen to this as you read these words. Music moves.

“We wait in vain at the foot of the Cross for a word of vengeance, reprisal. Yet he responds with forgiveness. Oh the tenderness of our Great High Priest. Jesus says, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Simply put, we must be able to accept forgiveness.

We are sometimes superficially religious, self-concerned, callous, violence loving, cowardly when it comes to speaking out truth in love.

At the Cross, Jesus is saying “World I believe in you. You belong to the Father.” God for us. This is the greatest message of all.”

– Jeff Blake, The Seven Last Words of Christ

A Harborous Disposition


“Not only do we realize that we belong to each other, we must take the initiative. We must do something for each other. That is what John did for Mary. The scripture says of John, “…And from that hour the disciple took her to his home.”

Spirituality gets into our hearts and also into our shoes. We let down the drawbridge and let the stranger, the neighbor, the relative, the family member, the business associate, into our lives by practicing what William Tyndale quaintly called, “a harborous disposition.” Letting people come into our harbors.”

We want to know that we matter to each other. We simply need the capacity to care, to extend ourselves, to love each other.”

– Jeff Blake, The Seven Last Words of Christ

Dream On

President Trump shows us how awful and low we can be as as a society, as Americans. He is a constant reminder of the times that we little ego’s walking around trying to make our lives better ignored other people trying to put food on the table. Spoke negatively of other people. Acted as the center of the universe. Drove by that broken down car on the freeway. Turned our noses at the drunk sleeping on the sidewalk.

President Trump truly is the very definition of the “American Dream” and where it can lead if you’re not careful. That’s why we want him gone so badly.  That’s also why so many people want him to remain in office. He is a validation and he is a confirmation of both the darkness and light depending on what you think of yourself.  What do we think of ourselves as a country to allow him to continue to be our President?

What do we do?