Working Together

Field of Dreams – art by Suspended Animation

You are but

A collection of atoms

Working together

In temporary harmony

Before being dispersed

Back into the universe

Your earthly task

Is to help those atoms radiate

Imagine the simplicity

You need not

Achieve anything but

Gently glow

-Daniel Baylis

Beneath the Surface

copyright Chris Weidner

What do I want to say? I’ll just keep it simple.

Watching the Capitol riot again brings up sad feelings from the Trump era.

I feel sad for everyone who still believes in Trump and thinks that Democrats are the ones promoting violence and hate. I feel sad because I know how it looks on that side. Practically impossible to burst the right wing bubble because within that bubble is life support. The blame and the anger that you think keeps you alive.

I feel sad that Republicans have fought so hard to keep another stimulus package from going out. Some people needed that support months and months ago. Not every single Mom or Dad has a family lifeline to help when times are tough. I’d wager hardly any do. Can you even imagine trying to keep two kids in school and keep a job on your own while waiting on a check that really would hardly cover anything? The Republicans can’t.

I saw a family member comment on a post the other day about forgiving school debt for thousands of students in thousands of life situations who couldn’t finish school now strapped with a debt that is damn near impossible to get out of even if you land a high paying job. That family member said they saw no reason to forgive debt like that. Banks and Credit Card companies agree with that view.

I use the words sad but depressed is more accurate. I use the words sad because it touches the pain just enough. If you don’t like that word, my apologies.

I am sad when I run into someone who just can’t wait to talk about all the brave acts of rebellion they’ve committed by supporting those restaurants who don’t enforce the mask rule. They are of the “stay home if you’re not well” variety meanwhile they increase the odds of carrying the virus from place to place. I said “As long as it doesn’t effect you right?” Real badge of courage.

This is just surface level sad stuff. Not even going to lay out bigger picture stuff going on around the world.

There is plenty that makes me happy but today I just want to acknowledge the sad. If it offends anyone or they think it’s too personal to share, my apologies. This is for me.

All This Time

Have a listen to the new song “All This Time” by my friend Chris Mears.

My wife sings on the track and Chris asked me to collaborate on the cover art. He started writing this early on in the pandemic, so it’s pretty special to have it out there for folks to enjoy.

Give it a listen, download, and share if you like it!

The Simplicity of Nothingness

Abbey of Gethsemani

“The only response is to go out from yourself with all that one is, which is nothing, and pour out that nothingness in gratitude that God is who He is. All speech is impertinent; it destroys the simplicity of that nothing before God by making it seem as if it had been “something.””

-Thomas Merton

In True Order

“When there is no true balance there are bound to be repercussions.” He paused. “I hinted once that the human body was out of tune. The same, with due respect, applies to the mental state. A man’s mind should be precisely balanced between emotion and reason. In true order a man would consult reason before being swept away by emotion. The emotion itself should be the force to vitalize and empower his considered action. Bluntly, the race is unstable and out of balance. You consider this instability normal because you have met and experienced no other.”

“I get your point, but I’m not sure I care for it.” Gaynor was frowning. “Hell, you’re telling me politely we’re all nut cases.” Duncan looked at him directly and without smiling. “Mr. Gaynor, you’re demonstrating my point admirably. You’re allowing pride and resentment to overrule your intellect.”

Philip E. High, The Prodigal Sun

Ordinary Times

“If we are in a time of order, then what is stirring in us that seems to beckon us to move into something new? If we are in a time of disorder, then are we willing to view the turmoil as a “sifting and sorting” so that the chaff can be separated from the wheat? If we are in a time of reorder, are we willing to let the new fruit grow agriculturally (i.e., first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn) rather than artificially? In each condition we usually find that we are invited to concentrate on something specific (not hypothetical), and something routine (not spectacular). This is what the saints have often called “ordinary holiness.””

-Steve Harper, Life in Christ

art by Hasui Kawase