A Quiet Dinner


“The world rams at your door; Jesus taps at your door. The voices scream for your allegiance; Jesus softly and tenderly requests it. The world promises flashy pleasure; Jesus promises a quiet dinner . . . with God. Which voice do you hear?”

– Max Lucado


Leadership and Community

Placing this interview with Jean Vanier here as a counter balance to He Who Shall Not Be Named’s MinionFest 2020 campaign launch yesterday. I feel as though Vanier speaks to the best of what we should hope for in a leader and in ourselves.

Jean Vanier Prayer

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 8.22.52 AM

“Lord, give us hearts that are open,
hearts that are humble and gentle,
so that we may welcome those You send,
With tenderness and compassion.”

In a story on the L’Arche Facebook page I ran across this prayer recounted by a person recalling life in the Daybreak house.  Apparently this was a prayer Jean wrote and they said at supper time each day. I have never seen it before but it is surely one that will make it’s home in my head now.  Hopefully my heart too.  Just wanted to share it with you.