A Harborous Disposition


“Not only do we realize that we belong to each other, we must take the initiative. We must do something for each other. That is what John did for Mary. The scripture says of John, “…And from that hour the disciple took her to his home.”

Spirituality gets into our hearts and also into our shoes. We let down the drawbridge and let the stranger, the neighbor, the relative, the family member, the business associate, into our lives by practicing what William Tyndale quaintly called, “a harborous disposition.” Letting people come into our harbors.”

We want to know that we matter to each other. We simply need the capacity to care, to extend ourselves, to love each other.”

– Jeff Blake, The Seven Last Words of Christ




“Henri Nouwen’s Wonded Healer is a classic writing in spirituality. Nouwen understood the well-known Australian Aboriginal activists quote, “If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Grace is understanding our oneness with all people.

~ Jeff Blake, A Year on Grace Street (Feb. 7th entry)

Absorbing The Mystery

“​Jesus receives our hatred and does not return it. He suffers and does not make the other suffer. He does not first look at changing others, but pays the price of change within himself. He absorbs the mystery of human sin rather than passing it on. He does not use his suffering and death as power over others to punish them, but as power for others to transform them.”

– Richard Rohr, Hope Against The Darkness

Open Yourself Up


“Wherever you find yourself in life, you have to keep making the choice to open yourself up more to love and grace. The sacred is not a thing, but a dimension of depth in all things.”

~ Lance Baker, from his blog Quiet Pilgrim

Painting by Léon Spilliaert (1916)

Love Trumps Pride


“A higher feeling state than pride is that of love. If we love our family, country, and accomplishments, that means there is no question of their worth in our mind. We no longer have to be on the defensive. When true recognition and knowledge replace opinion, which is part of pride, there is no room for argument. Our sheer love and appreciation for something is a solid position that cannot be assailed.”

~ David Hawkins, Letting Go: Pathway of Surrender

Painting by Alfred Sisley, A Turn of the River Loing (1896)