Noise of the World


The noise of the world is merely an echo of the soul looking for itself.  Do not cover your ears. Listen to the beautiful longing and be a guide.


Now and Always


I go inside and shut the window.
The lamp is brought and I’m told
good night.
And my voice contentedly says
good night.
May this be my life, now and always:
The day bright with sunshine, or
gentle with rain,
Or stormy as if the world were
The evening gentle and my eyes
To the people passing by my window,
With my last friendly gaze going to the peaceful trees,
And then, window shut and the lamp lit,
Without reading or sleeping and thinking of nothing,
To feel life flowing through me like a river between its banks,
And outside a great silence like a god who is sleeping.

~ Fernando Pessoa writing as Alberto Caeiro in “The Keeper of Sheep”