Be There


“You cannot get there; you can only be there.”

~ Richard Rohr, A Spring Within Us

Painting by Edward Hopper (1931)


Merton’s Prayer For Silence


Lady, Queen of Heaven,

pray me into solitude and silence and unity,
that all my ways may be immaculate in God.

Let me be content with whatever darkness surrounds me,
finding him always by me, in his mercy.

Let me keep silence in this world,
except in so far as God wills and in the way he wills it.

Let me at least disappear into the writing I do.
It should mean nothing special to me,
nor harm my recollection.
The work could be a prayer;
its results should not concern me.


Prayer For Silence, by Thomas Merton

Painting by Alfred Sisley (1877)

Going Beyond


“Merton once told me that so few of us are willing to become people of prayer because so few of us are willing to go beyond definitions and concepts to grasp life itself. There comes a time when one must set out in earnest to return to the Father’s house, to find his way out of the burning building, to choose life instead of death.”

~ James Finley, Merton’s Palace of Nowhere

Painting by Camille Pissarro (1884)

Remain Connected


“Whatever we do or do not do in our lives, we need always to remain connected with the rest of the Holy Saturday when Jesus lay buried in the tomb and the whole of creation waited for all things to be made new.”

~ Henri Nouwen, Walk With Jesus, Stations of the Cross