Importance of the Good


Kadoni Kinan (26), a volunteer, helps a young Syrian boy as he disembarks a boat near Scala, on the island of Lesvos, Greece.

“It is good to know that there are still people who think no evil, because they know the importance of the good they are doing. Those people grow in the eyes of men and of God. They are unafraid of envy or indifference because Love ‘thinketh no evil’, always looks on the bright side, always looks for the positive in every action.”

– Paulo Coelho, The Supreme Gift


Dangerous Cries


“Who are those who are different? They are the people who suffer poverty, brokenness, disabilities, or loneliness. They cry out to us for help, these millions named Lazarus. Often, they are in discomfort while others live in comfort. Their cries become dangerous for those of us who live in comfort. If we listen to their cries and open up our hearts, it will cost us something. So we pretend not to hear the cry and so exclude them.”

~ Jean Vanier, Becoming Human

Renegotiate Your Mind and Heart


“When you agree to live simply, you have time for spiritual and corporal works of mercy because you have renegotiated in your mind and heart your very understanding of time and its purposes. Time is not money, despite the common aphorism. Time is life itself!

When you agree to live simply, people cease to be possessions and objects for your consumption or use. Your lust for relationships or for others to serve you, your need for admiration, your desire to use people or things as commodities for your personal pleasure, or any need to control and manipulate others, slowly—yes, very slowly—falls away. Only then are you free to love.”

~ Richard Rohr

Painting by Paul Gauguin (1888)

Help Arbor Youth Services Purchase Mini-Van – Street Outreach Program

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Arbor Youth Services (AYS) serves children and families in crisis. AYS’s largest program, the MASH Drop Inn is Central Kentucky’s ONLY emergency shelter for children (infant to 17). The majority of these children are homeless. In addition to the shelter, AYS has an After School Program for middle and high school students, and a Street Outreach Program and Drop-In Center for young adults 18-25 and their families.

AYS needs an additional mini-van to serve our current clients needs.  To date, they have raised $10,500 but need to raise $7,500 additional funds before the end of February to purchase the vehicle.

Help these folks purchase a mini-van for their clients! Follow the link below and donate if you can –>