Mercy Heals


“Mercy heals in every way. It heals bodies, spirits, society, and history. It is the only force that can truly heal…”

~ Thomas Merton, Love and Living

Painting by Isaac Levitan, Apple Trees in Bloom


The Answer To Every Call For Help


“Any form of attack is a call for help, and the answer to every call for help is gentleness.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Ivan Fedorovich Choultse

Love Trumps Pride


“A higher feeling state than pride is that of love. If we love our family, country, and accomplishments, that means there is no question of their worth in our mind. We no longer have to be on the defensive. When true recognition and knowledge replace opinion, which is part of pride, there is no room for argument. Our sheer love and appreciation for something is a solid position that cannot be assailed.”

~ David Hawkins, Letting Go: Pathway of Surrender

Painting by Alfred Sisley, A Turn of the River Loing (1896)

As God Know Us


“The temptations of being relevant, spectacular, and powerful are real temptations and stay with us all of our lives. They are strong because they play directly on our desire to join others on the upwardly mobile road. But when we are able to recognize these temptations as seductive attempts to cling to the illusion of the false self, they can become instead invitations to claim our true self, which is hidden in God alone. When we find ourselves able to continue to serve our fellow human beings even when our lives remain the same, even when few people offer us praise, and even when we have little or no power, we come to know ourselves as God know us, as sons and daughters hidden in God’s love.”

~ Henri Nouwen

Perfectly Simple


“It takes more courage than we imagine to be perfectly simple with other men. Our frankness is often spoiled by a hidden barbarity, born of fear. False sincerity has much to say, because it is afraid. True candor can afford to be silent. It does not need to face an anticipated attack. Anything it may have to defend can be defended with perfect simplicity.”

~ Thomas Merton. No Man is an Island

Life Is Learning


“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”

– Proverbs 11:2

Delete the word “mistake” from your vocabulary and get excited about all the learning opportunities you have available to you every day. It’s why we came. Get out there and learn something! It’s Adventure Time.