Feminine Principle


“What I see in a broader sense is that the feminine principle, which for centuries has been so denied in our culture, is forcing its way, her way, back in again. If you’re an addict, you have got to come to terms with the feminine principle. You’ve got to feel that slow rhythm—the rhythm of the earth is slow—you have to feel that slowing down, you have to quiet the soul, and you have to surrender, because eventually you have to face the fact that you are not God and you cannot control your life.”

– Marion Woodman


Standing Still

The pain the pain
As you listen to the words
Never ending
Spinning and bending
From every direction.
Even eye contact connection.
And you listen
And listen
And respond with a simple nod
The words move on and out
And away
And here you stand still
Without reaction.
Breathing through the tight clicks
Of mind bending mental tricks
Still standing.
As the words keep coming
And you don’t react
A new center appears.
And maybe a new way to live.
Just listen and forgive.
That wind
Those words
They just keep on coming.

A New Time


I have waged this war
against myself for many years.
It was terrible, but now I am disarmed.
I am no longer frightened of anything because love banishes fear.
I am disarmed of the need to be right
And to justify myself by disqualifying others.
I am no longer on the defensive holding onto my riches.
I just want to welcome and to share.
I don’t hold onto my ideas and projects.
If someone shows me something better — No, I shouldn’t say better, but good — I accept them without any regrets I no longer seek to compare.
What is good, true and real is always for me the best.
That is why I have no fear.
When we are disarmed and dispossessed of self,
If we open our hearts to the God man who makes all things new then he takes away past hurts
And reveals a new time where everything is possible.

– Patriarch Athenooras of Constantinople

To Become Like Little Children


It’s hard to look at the pain and fear of so many children on display today. Maybe it reminds of us of a time when we were kids and were afraid and powerless. Maybe that’s why so many of us cling to our guns as adults.

Through speaking about their pain and their fear these children have found courage to stand and ask for change together. That’s not trying to trample on anyone’s rights but actually asking for help.

“To become like little children”….those infamous words so many hold dear are leading the way.