Enter Rest

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Take an interest.
Just be still and enter rest.
Witness our story.



Nature Is Grace


“Nature is grace because it is a pathway out of our chattering minds. How easily we get lost in thinking and fretting and worrying with our chattering minds. The morning headlines are simply overwhelming and more than we can bear. There is enough of any one problem to drive us to distraction. Nature reminds us of what we forget. Nature calls us to be still and to be ourselves and to live in the Presence of the moment.”

– Jeff Blake, Homestretch

Saying Yes To Each Other


“The Potter’s House is that place where the clay is shaped and formed by the hands of the potter whose loving intent is to take the plain-though-beautiful clay as it already is and create something even more beautiful.

The molding is really a good thing because the clay and the potter are somehow saying a profound yes to each other. The clay may wonder what’s happening, but the clay is in the hands of love, where the heart is.

Here’s some of what Greg Kirby has been teaching me in cahoots with some others in the Potter’s House:

  • Stillness of mind is the fundamental truth of meditation.
  • Sleep is the highest form of meditation.
  • Begin each day in Presence, not person.
  • Believe abundance, not lack.
  • Hands open, palms up is not so much about receiving as it is about giving what is already present.
  • There is no fear in the transition to death.
  • Divine Love is the only “right,” which includes unconditional love for others.
  • We are one, belonging to each other.
  • Judge not.
  • Be present.”

– Jeff Blake, Homestretch

Alone With Him


“There are vast areas of stubbornness and ignorance the Holy Spirit has to reveal in each of us, but it can only be done when Jesus gets us alone. Are we alone with Him now? Or are we more concerned with our own ideas, friendships, and cares for our bodies? Jesus cannot teach us anything until we quiet all our intellectual questions and get alone with Him.”

– Oswald Chambers