Eckhart Tolle Speaks on Eliminating Stress

A classic clip with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah I felt like returning to today. Needed this reminder. Eckhart Tolle believes that the key to living a happier life is consciously accepting the present moment as if we chose it ourselves.


The Journey Together


“Solitude is one thing. Community is another. They are hand in glove and are essential to a good journey. The simple truth is, we need each other. I need you to hold me to the Light as I hold you to the Light. Traveling becomes not a burden, but a delight when we make the journey together.”

– Jeff Blake, Homestretch

Enter Into The Invisible Work


“If we love one another truly, our love will be graced with a clear-sighted prudence which sees and respects the designs of God upon each separate soul. Our love for one another must be rooted in a deep devotion to Divine Providence, a devotion that abandons our own limited plans into the hands of God and seeks only to enter into the invisible work that builds His Kingdom. Only a love that senses the designs of Providence can unite itself perfectly to God’s providential action upon souls. Faithful submission to God’s secret working in the world will fill our love with piety, that is to say with supernatural awe and respect. This respect, this piety, gives our love the character of worship, without which our charity can never be quite complete. For love must not only seek the truth in the lives of those around us; it must find it there. But when we find the truth that shapes our lives we have found more than an idea. We have found a Person. We have come upon the actions of One Who is still hidden, but Whose work proclaims Him holy and worthy to be adored. And in Him we also find ourselves.”

~ Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island

Love Is Personal

To see people as they are (this is real love) we must first see ourselves as we are. Whatever condition. This is living presence. Old. Young. Sad. Happy. Hurt. Grieving. Lost. Hopeful. Proud. To see ourselves and to reflect back acceptance. Without condition. Unconditional. To see a person (to make it personal) instead of an object to shape (I object that you are a in this condition. Please change on my terms). Only then can we look at another and reflect back that personal love. (I see you and I love you right now. I understand. I stand with you.) This tells the other that there is no need to worry. This clears the mind and clears the way. This open doors. Isn’t this the love of Jesus?

This moves the world in a new direction, one step and one person at a time. Love is personal. How can we continue to object to that?

Retracing Adam’s Journey


“This falling into God through faith is our retracing of Adam’s journey, in which he fell out of faith by refusing to believe in God. Adam passed through the center of himself, placing himself between himself and God. He thus gained someone to grasp, to see, to control-someone he imagined himself to be. In reality this was but a shadow behind which he hid from God. Our faith is God’s gift. When it is accepted and lived, it dissolves the shadow of the false self.”

~ James Finley, Merton’s Palace of Nowhere

Painting by Émile Bernard (1868)