Grace Is Brave


“Here’s a message you probably won’t hear at church this morning–if in following Jesus you don’t become a fierce humanitarian, you probably aren’t following Jesus. In fact, when we fully awaken to Grace, our eyes become fixed not on religious “Christian” activities purposed on spiritual navel-gazing and pleasing a requiring god, but on looking into the eyes of people, gazing into their divine worth and dignity, and unconditionally affirming their life. True praise and worship of Jesus will not be found in the songs we sing, the Bible we read, the prayers we exhale, nor the squelching of our sins. Rather, it will be revealed when we trust God enough to turn our focus away from pursuing heaven as Jesus points our attention to manifesting it upon the earth–loving and serving all He has created, of which nothing has He not redeemed and made whole, sacred, and worthy in His sight. Grace is brave. Be brave.”

– Chris Kratzer


3 Demons

Listening to a Richard Rohr lecture series discussing the Sermon on the Mount. In it he talks about 3 “demons” to be aware of at all times.

  1. The need to be effective.
  2. The need to be right.
  3. The need to be powerful or in control.

Jesus had to confront these before leaving the desert. They cannot be defeated but through awareness one hopes to keep them from running the show.

Interesting that much of the way our society is setup puts these 3 “demons” on a pedastal. Challenging to rewire after a lifetime of this programming.

Absorbing The Mystery

“​Jesus receives our hatred and does not return it. He suffers and does not make the other suffer. He does not first look at changing others, but pays the price of change within himself. He absorbs the mystery of human sin rather than passing it on. He does not use his suffering and death as power over others to punish them, but as power for others to transform them.”

– Richard Rohr, Hope Against The Darkness