Merely Stewards


“For Jesus, we are merely stewards of Mother Earth, nonviolent people living in and tending the Creator’s glorious vineyard. We are not to destroy it or one another, but live and work in peace in this glorious creation. it’s time we learn the lesson, Jesus tells us, and do our part to car for the vineyard of creation.”

― John Dear, They Will Inherit the Earth


Come Into My Heart


“O Calm Christ, come into my heart and take out all useless fear and worry and let your calm and adequacy reign. For where you are, there is peace and power and poise. Where you are not, there is worry and disintegration. Come in, calm Christ; I consent. Amen.”

– A prayer by E. Stanley Jones

Alone With Him


“There are vast areas of stubbornness and ignorance the Holy Spirit has to reveal in each of us, but it can only be done when Jesus gets us alone. Are we alone with Him now? Or are we more concerned with our own ideas, friendships, and cares for our bodies? Jesus cannot teach us anything until we quiet all our intellectual questions and get alone with Him.”

– Oswald Chambers

Cease From Struggling

Bohinj Lake Tree-usr70

“Cease from struggling. Don’t try to do this yourself; let God do it. After having consented to surrender, you will be tempted to struggle and try instead of relax and trust and receive….For as long as you are trying, you are on the basis of yourself; but the moment you begin to trust, you are on the basis of Christ; he becomes the center, not you.”

– E. Stanley Jones