Jeff Blake

The Journey Together


“Solitude is one thing. Community is another. They are hand in glove and are essential to a good journey. The simple truth is, we need each other. I need you to hold me to the Light as I hold you to the Light. Traveling becomes not a burden, but a delight when we make the journey together.”

– Jeff Blake, Homestretch


Where We Live

20170224_143914 (1).jpg

“Let us not tell ourselves that we are anything but love or less than enough. It is the chattering mind which distracts us from the love we always have been and always will be. We must not allow our minds to control our hearts. We live out of our hearts.”

– Jeff Blake, Homecoming

Tears And Laughter


“There may be a thin line between tears and laughter. They are connected. Tears may end as laughter begins or just the opposite may occur. They can even be simultaneous like sunshine and rain.”

– Jeff Grace, Homestretch: This Journey on Grace Street

I believe when I took this photo last November it was the last time I would be in the same room as Jeff. I think deep down I knew it when he left. I think he did too. We all hugged and had lots of laughs during his brief visit. You will always be loved and remembered Jeff. Rest in Peace brother. Grace will carry all of us home. See you on the other side.

The Seven Last Words of Christ: Meditations on the Cross


(Full disclosure: The author of this book is my friend.)

Yesterday, while in the middle of reading Jeff Blake’s new book “The Seven Last Words of Christ: Meditations on the Cross,” I had to stop and write to tell him how powerful it is. This short book is HANDS DOWN the best book I’ve read on the message of Jesus. At less than 40 pages the message is distilled to perfection, cutting through any filler or unnecessary repetition while also offering brief personal experiences by Mr. Blake that never take the reader off course.

My belief or faith is far, far away from rock solid. Like reading a passage from Richard Rohr, Henri Nouwen or Thomas Merton the words in these pages feel like an anchor of truth.  How so? While reading I felt the “how it isness” wash over me. I felt carried and at peace.  I also became aware of wanting to flee to distraction in the other direction to avoid letting it all sink in.  Am I the only one who does this? Stoping mid-chapter to write an email is a pretty good indicator I am misdirecting myself. (“Stop reading! Do something else! Tell the world!” You gotta love the ego. No really, you have to or it won’t leave you alone.)

I can’t say enough good things about “The Seven Last Words of Christ: Meditations on the Cross”, by Jeff Blake, so I won’t try. It’s awesome. Pick it up for Lent and read it. Read it more than once. You’ll be very happy you did.

To Know We Matter


“Troubled people are not in search of the information we may be able to give them. They are not in search of scripture verses we can cram down their throats. You know what people are desperate to know when they seek help from another person? We want to know that we matter to God and to the people who are by our side.”

– Jeff Blake, The Seven Last Words of Christ