Our Place


“Isaac was right: It is knowing our place in the universe that makes for humility, that guarantees us peace. And we are neither its glory nor its ultimacy. That puts a lot of things into a more proper perspective, doesn’t it?”

– Joan Chittister


Let Us


“Let us not pass on humiliation and contempt. Let us not hold on to grudges. Let us not hold on to anger or revenge. Let us ask God to cleanse our minds of the wrongs which have been done to us. Let us not demand to be right which may very well make us wrong.”

– Jeff Blake, The Seven Last Words of Christ

Our Own Interpretation


My Neighbor Totoro concept art.

“The thinking upon which the second step of humility rests is fascinating. The second step says, “Do not love your own will…” It does not say, Do not have one. On the contrary. We must learn young not to be afraid to think separately from those around us. In fact, our own interpretation of the way our piece of the world goes round is actually our gift to it.”

– Joan Chittister

The Way Of Life


I recently ran across my copy of “A Pocket Guide To Prayer” by Steve Harper. It was given to me as a gift by Steve in 2011 and has often literally found a place in my back pocket. I am pretty sure I had very little idea how to use it at the time and still wonder to this day. I do try though.

I opened up the book to a random page when I found it and the prayer was just what I needed. Thought I’d share it here.

I use this blog as a buffer for my religious and spiritual journey. It is what it is. Thank you for the gift Steve. It continues to give.

“Oh Christ, I realize that comparing myself with others is the way of death. because my ego will quickly provide a list of persons to whom I think I am superior. Forgive me for the pride that rises up when I make superficial and false comparisons. Forgive me for having done this in relation to (       ).

I also understand that the way of life is to compare myself with you. Immediately, I find humility rising up in me, and that is exactly what I need. I acknowledge that I can never be you, but I take great joy in knowing that I can be “like” you; indeed, that you have made me to be so. I accept that likeness in my relationship with you, while at the same time refusing to play God in relation to others. Amen.”