The Way Of Life


I recently ran across my copy of “A Pocket Guide To Prayer” by Steve Harper. It was given to me as a gift by Steve in 2011 and has often literally found a place in my back pocket. I am pretty sure I had very little idea how to use it at the time and still wonder to this day. I do try though.

I opened up the book to a random page when I found it and the prayer was just what I needed. Thought I’d share it here.

I use this blog as a buffer for my religious and spiritual journey. It is what it is. Thank you for the gift Steve. It continues to give.

“Oh Christ, I realize that comparing myself with others is the way of death. because my ego will quickly provide a list of persons to whom I think I am superior. Forgive me for the pride that rises up when I make superficial and false comparisons. Forgive me for having done this in relation to (       ).

I also understand that the way of life is to compare myself with you. Immediately, I find humility rising up in me, and that is exactly what I need. I acknowledge that I can never be you, but I take great joy in knowing that I can be “like” you; indeed, that you have made me to be so. I accept that likeness in my relationship with you, while at the same time refusing to play God in relation to others. Amen.”




“”Thanks” is a huge mind-shift, from thinking that God wants our happy chatter and a public demonstration and is deeply interested in our opinions of the people we hate, to feeling quiet gratitude, humbly and amazingly, without shame at having been so blessed.”

~ Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow

Painting by Isaac Levitan (1894)

Transparency Of Time


“Time needs to be converted from chronos to kairos – and opportunity for a change of heart. The spiritual life is a formation process in which time slowly loses its opaqueness and becomes transparent. To start seeing that the many events of our day, week, or year are not obstacles to a full and meaningful life, but the way to it, is a real experience of conversion. Once we discover that writing letters, attending classes, visiting friends, cooking food, and even doing the dishes are not a series of random activities but contain within themselves the transforming power of recreation, we move from time lived as chronos to time lived as kairos.”

~ Henri Nouwen, Spiritual Formation

Humble Servants


“Humility is not self-deprecation or the disregard of God-given abilities. It is, rather, the recognition that we are God’s servants to everyone else who, like us, are beloved children of God. If all people have eternal value, we cannot treat anyone as having less value than that while they are here on the earth.”

~ Steve Harper