With Dignity

“Offering care and attention is, I now believe, at the heart of treating people with dignity. I saw that if indignity tears us apart, dignity can put us back together again.”

~ Donna Hicks, “Dignity: The Essential Role It Plays in Resolving Conflict”


We Start Where We Are


“But where do we even start on the daily walk of restoration and awakening? We start where we are. We find God in our human lives, and that includes the suffering. I get thirsty people a glass of water, even if that thirsty person is just me.”

~ Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow

Painting by Camille Pissarro (1877)

Healing Begins


“In human brokenness new life is born. In the tears and grief, joy and happiness are found. True healing begins at the moment that we can face the reality of our losses and let go of the illusions of control.”

~ Henri Nouwen, Spiritual Formation

Become A Witness


“Be less of a judge and you will be surprised that when you become a witness and you don’t judge yourself, you stop judging others too. And that makes you more human, more compassionate, more understanding.”

~ Osho

As God Know Us


“The temptations of being relevant, spectacular, and powerful are real temptations and stay with us all of our lives. They are strong because they play directly on our desire to join others on the upwardly mobile road. But when we are able to recognize these temptations as seductive attempts to cling to the illusion of the false self, they can become instead invitations to claim our true self, which is hidden in God alone. When we find ourselves able to continue to serve our fellow human beings even when our lives remain the same, even when few people offer us praise, and even when we have little or no power, we come to know ourselves as God know us, as sons and daughters hidden in God’s love.”

~ Henri Nouwen