Living Relationship


“Sometimes you feel very good, feel thankful, grateful; sometimes you feel put off. But let it be a living relationship. Then prayer is true.”

~ Osho

Painting by Keith Nash


Already Free


“It may be that we are not capable of existing except in a state in which we imagine ourselves to be under domination. In that event, resentment may help to make the situation acceptable, but it can never make us healthy. It is only a justification, a pretense that we would be free if we could. But what if we discovered that we are, in fact, already free?”

~ Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation

Painting by André Brasilier (1929)



“”Thanks” is a huge mind-shift, from thinking that God wants our happy chatter and a public demonstration and is deeply interested in our opinions of the people we hate, to feeling quiet gratitude, humbly and amazingly, without shame at having been so blessed.”

~ Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow

Painting by Isaac Levitan (1894)