Everybody Can Be Great


“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


Enter Into The Invisible Work


“If we love one another truly, our love will be graced with a clear-sighted prudence which sees and respects the designs of God upon each separate soul. Our love for one another must be rooted in a deep devotion to Divine Providence, a devotion that abandons our own limited plans into the hands of God and seeks only to enter into the invisible work that builds His Kingdom. Only a love that senses the designs of Providence can unite itself perfectly to God’s providential action upon souls. Faithful submission to God’s secret working in the world will fill our love with piety, that is to say with supernatural awe and respect. This respect, this piety, gives our love the character of worship, without which our charity can never be quite complete. For love must not only seek the truth in the lives of those around us; it must find it there. But when we find the truth that shapes our lives we have found more than an idea. We have found a Person. We have come upon the actions of One Who is still hidden, but Whose work proclaims Him holy and worthy to be adored. And in Him we also find ourselves.”

~ Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island

Grace Is Brave


“Here’s a message you probably won’t hear at church this morning–if in following Jesus you don’t become a fierce humanitarian, you probably aren’t following Jesus. In fact, when we fully awaken to Grace, our eyes become fixed not on religious “Christian” activities purposed on spiritual navel-gazing and pleasing a requiring god, but on looking into the eyes of people, gazing into their divine worth and dignity, and unconditionally affirming their life. True praise and worship of Jesus will not be found in the songs we sing, the Bible we read, the prayers we exhale, nor the squelching of our sins. Rather, it will be revealed when we trust God enough to turn our focus away from pursuing heaven as Jesus points our attention to manifesting it upon the earth–loving and serving all He has created, of which nothing has He not redeemed and made whole, sacred, and worthy in His sight. Grace is brave. Be brave.”

– Chris Kratzer

A Spacious Place


“Grace will lead us into fears and voids, and grace will fill us, if we are willing to stay in the void. We mustn’t engineer an answer too quickly. To stay in God’s hands, to trust, means that to a certain degree I have to stop taking hold of things myself. I have to hold instead to a degree of uncertainty, fear and tension. This takes practice and grace. As long as we stay in the world of preference and choice, we keep ourselves as the first reference point. Prayer lives in a spacious place. It is free of personal needs or meanings or even interpretations.”

~ Richard Rohr

Painting by Frederic Edwin Church