Gerald Jampolsky

Our Spirits Long To Soar


“Our spirits long to soar like eagles, to be filled with inspiration, to feel the love that flows between us and our Creator. But until we are willing to relinquish all forms of judgment and attack, we will remain half-dead and unaware of the splendor that awaits us.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Hans Baluschek (1917)


Becoming Whole


“Like scientists who spend their lives looking through the lens of a high-powered microscope and see only tiny segments but make all sorts of pronouncements about the whole, we think we are seeing accurately. But we are not.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teaching Only Love

Painting by George Handrahan

The Answer To Every Call For Help


“Any form of attack is a call for help, and the answer to every call for help is gentleness.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Ivan Fedorovich Choultse


Abundant Growth


“The more we borrow from our store of love and peace, the more abundantly it grows.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Vincent van Gogh (1888)


Our Ideas


“Our ideas are like the stones on a path we travel. There is not a single thought that does not take us somewhere. That is why we must not leave our minds in a state of fear if we wish to walk toward inner health and peace.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Toshi Yoshida (1941)


To Know Peace

14633034_1109805489073964_496212288320677671_n“To know peace we must recognize what there is within us already at peace.”

~ Gerald G. Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Andrew Wyeth (1978)


Teachers and Students


“We are students and teachers to each other. Peace comes to us when we recognize and demonstrate that all our relationships are equal.”

~ Gerald G. Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Alfred Sisley (1877)