Where We Live

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“Let us not tell ourselves that we are anything but love or less than enough. It is the chattering mind which distracts us from the love we always have been and always will be. We must not allow our minds to control our hearts. We live out of our hearts.”

– Jeff Blake, Homecoming


Cease From Struggling

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“Cease from struggling. Don’t try to do this yourself; let God do it. After having consented to surrender, you will be tempted to struggle and try instead of relax and trust and receive….For as long as you are trying, you are on the basis of yourself; but the moment you begin to trust, you are on the basis of Christ; he becomes the center, not you.”

– E. Stanley Jones

Trusting God

So there are lots of things going on these days. Lots of changes for everyone including myself. Something happened yesterday I wanted to share.

I had been reading a book “The Supreme Gift” by Paulo Coelho. It relates a sermon by Henry Drummond and hit upon a critical bridge for me. Trust. Belief in God is one thing. Trust in God is another. The idea stayed in my mind all night.

The next day my youngest son and I were at the downtown library playing with trains. We were having a great time and I had stopped a moment to take it all in. My mind wandered back to the passage the night before and I repeated in my head “I trust you God.”

Not a second later, a woman walks up to us and asks if James is my son. She says she makes blankets with her left-over yarn and wants us to have it.

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I offer to pay her for it and she says she doesn’t want money or anything for the blanket. I thank her and she blesses us for being here. I bless her back. A moment later I look inside the bag to find this….

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Just God saying hello ❀

Moment After Moment


Image from “Only Yesterday.”

“The most important choices we make in life are not the dramatic turning points such as a change of career, the person we marry, the country we emigrate to. The most important choices in life are the thoughts and feelings we choose to entertain, moment after moment, day after day.”

– Pierre Pradervand, The Gentle Art of the Blessing