Being in Balance

“Become conscious of your desire to be at peace, and then match your present-moment thoughts to that desire. You’ll become more compassionate without trying to be, simply because you’ve aligned your inner world with your desire to be in balance.”

– Wayne Dyer


Our Ideas


“Our ideas are like the stones on a path we travel. There is not a single thought that does not take us somewhere. That is why we must not leave our minds in a state of fear if we wish to walk toward inner health and peace.”

~ Gerald Jampolsky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Toshi Yoshida (1941)

Natural State


“Love is a natural state of consciousness. It is neither easy nor difficult, those words don’t apply to it at all. It is not an effort; hence, it can’t be easy and it can’t be difficult either. It is like breathing! It is like your heartbeat, it is like blood circulating in your body.”

~ Osho

What Do You See


“Once you are able to look and see no difference at all, there is no need for harmony. For here, there is only Oneness. This is the place the story began. And this is the end toward which all consciousness now strives to return.”

~ Buddha