Feel Free


These words are
Not my own.
Own nothing.
These are agreements upon meaning
Born of silence
That speaks when still.
Transparent being
riding light and wind.
Resting no where.
Always sensing itself
In the other.
No other.
None other than
It’s self.
Trying to collect
Pieces of home.
Peaceful home.
Broken apart.
Each part
A part of itself.
Impossible task set upon
To feel useful.
No need.
Nothing needed.
Only being.
Human being.
Setting free a movement.
Calm waters.
Peaceful planet.
Feel free.


The Last Jedi


(No spoilers for the movie)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So many mixed reactions on the internet. So many points of view. It’s such a perfect thing to use as a metaphor for life and how you view it. Maybe that’s why they say everyone’s a critic? (especially a movie critic)

I’m going to start out by saying I loved The Last Jedi. I loved all it’s messiness and strangeness and funniness. I was not a fan of Force Awakens for many reasons. I went into that film with so many expectations it was probably impossible for that film to be good in my eyes. I thought that what director Rian Johnson did with Last Jedi was manage to put together a funny, emotional, exciting, hopeful, surprising and entertaining movie that left me feeling good. The Force Awakens just left me feeling old and none of those other feelings. I hate to compare the two films but in Force Awakens I had this feeling of “okay something really awesome is gonna happen right around the corner.  Okay maybe the next corner….here it comes….hmm maybe the, okay it isn’t gonna happen in this movie. Cool seeing Han Solo again though.”

I see people up in arms about how it’s “not true to Star Wars.” The whole point of Last Jedi is that they are moving on in a new direction. The movie literally says that in the actual movie “Let go of the past!” In my opinion, JJ Abrams put little effort into the characters and story of Force Awakens so the fact that Rian Johnson was able to put together a fun story that hit all the right Star Wars notes ( aliens, alien worlds, space battles, humor, snarky villains, lightsaber fights, and HOPE) is no small thing. I could nit pick Last Jedi all day based on my feelings for the original trilogy, but why? Most of those feelings are based on fading nostalgia. Go back and look at the original Lucas films and see that they were cobbled together too. They aren’t the academy award winning life projects we remember in our heads. lol Not by a long shot but I love them for what they are and they will always be my favorites.

I guess my point in writing this is that how I see the movie is a lot how I try and see life now. It is what it is and you can either see the good in it or you can see the bad. That’s free will. People will feel they have a “right to be angry or disappointed.” Sure thing. Feel free. That’s not about truth or fact. To quote Obi Wan from A New Hope:

Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

I see hope for a fun new Star Wars franchise and more films that will be around for even my youngest to enjoy as he grows up. I love that and I loved the film.

May the Force be with you. Always.