Taking Offense

Offense can only be taken if you accept it. Stop taking offense when it is offered to you and the world will continue to turn.

How you feel is your choice.


Love Your Neighbor

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“When you’re able to acknowledge that many people are choosing different things; they believe differently; they want differently; they act differently, and when you understand that all of that adds to a more perfect whole, and that none of that threatens you-because the only thing that affects you is what you’re doing with your own valve-then you move about freely and joyously.”

― Esther Hicks, Sara Book 1

Choosing Both


“Do we really renounce ourselves and the world in order to find Christ, or do we renounce our alienated and false selves in order to choose our own deepest truth in choosing both the world and Christ at the same time? If the deepest ground of my being is love, then in that very love itself and nowhere else will I find myself, and the world, and my brother and Christ.”

~ Thomas Merton in James Finley’s Merton’s Palace of Nowhere

Artwork by Henri Lebasque (1924)



“Well-Being is the basis of this Universe. Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. You have only to allow it. Like the air you breathe, you have only to open, relax, and draw it into your Being.”

~ Abraham Hicks