To Discover and Believe

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“If you dare to believe that you are beloved before you are born, you may suddenly realize that your life is very, very special. You become conscious that you were sent here just for a short time, for twenty, forty, or eighty years, to discover and believe that you are a beloved child of God. The length of time doesn’t matter. You are sent into this world to believe in yourself as God’s chosen one and then to help your brothers and sisters know that they are also beloved sons and daughters of God who belong together. You’re sent into this world to be a people of reconciliation. You are sent to heal, to break down the walls between you and your neighbors, locally, nationally, and globally. Before all distinctions, the separations, and the walls built on foundations of fear, there was a unity in the mind and heart of God. Out of that unity, you are sent into this world for a little while to claim that you and every other human being belongs to the same God of Love who lives from eternity to eternity.”

– Henri Nouwen


Trusting God

So there are lots of things going on these days. Lots of changes for everyone including myself. Something happened yesterday I wanted to share.

I had been reading a book “The Supreme Gift” by Paulo Coelho. It relates a sermon by Henry Drummond and hit upon a critical bridge for me. Trust. Belief in God is one thing. Trust in God is another. The idea stayed in my mind all night.

The next day my youngest son and I were at the downtown library playing with trains. We were having a great time and I had stopped a moment to take it all in. My mind wandered back to the passage the night before and I repeated in my head “I trust you God.”

Not a second later, a woman walks up to us and asks if James is my son. She says she makes blankets with her left-over yarn and wants us to have it.

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I offer to pay her for it and she says she doesn’t want money or anything for the blanket. I thank her and she blesses us for being here. I bless her back. A moment later I look inside the bag to find this….

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Just God saying hello ❤

Opinions On Suffering


“What is my conception of a personal Higher Power? Describe it here. I feel that when I meditate I connect to a creative and loving energy that is present in all life. They say all the energy that has ever been is still here now and will always be here. That means there is a totality and I am part of it. When I have an opinion on suffering, it is only that, an opinion. I do not and cannot understand the full context of events that occur in an infinite and eternal universe. It’s as if within my finite lifetime I glimpse a second of a three-hour movie and try to understand the entire plot. All I must do is engage with this idea: I will become open to the idea that my conceptions, beliefs and experiences are limited. I will become open to new beliefs and new possibilities. I will become open to the idea that I can live a better, more loving and useful life, even if I don’t fully understand how I will do it or what it will be like.”

~ Russell Brand, Recovery

This Is The Way

“Let us remember each day, each minute, each second—and let us remember especially in the morning as we rise—that when we accept peace for ourselves, peace is received to some degree by all others. This is the way the world will be transformed, not by our attacking those who favor attack.”

– Gerald Jamplosky, Teach Only Love

Painting by Hans Maurus

Retracing Adam’s Journey


“This falling into God through faith is our retracing of Adam’s journey, in which he fell out of faith by refusing to believe in God. Adam passed through the center of himself, placing himself between himself and God. He thus gained someone to grasp, to see, to control-someone he imagined himself to be. In reality this was but a shadow behind which he hid from God. Our faith is God’s gift. When it is accepted and lived, it dissolves the shadow of the false self.”

~ James Finley, Merton’s Palace of Nowhere

Painting by Émile Bernard (1868)