Month: May 2017

The Way Of Life


I recently ran across my copy of “A Pocket Guide To Prayer” by Steve Harper. It was given to me as a gift by Steve in 2011 and has often literally found a place in my back pocket. I am pretty sure I had very little idea how to use it at the time and still wonder to this day. I do try though.

I opened up the book to a random page when I found it and the prayer was just what I needed. Thought I’d share it here.

I use this blog as a buffer for my religious and spiritual journey. It is what it is. Thank you for the gift Steve. It continues to give.

“Oh Christ, I realize that comparing myself with others is the way of death. because my ego will quickly provide a list of persons to whom I think I am superior. Forgive me for the pride that rises up when I make superficial and false comparisons. Forgive me for having done this in relation to (       ).

I also understand that the way of life is to compare myself with you. Immediately, I find humility rising up in me, and that is exactly what I need. I acknowledge that I can never be you, but I take great joy in knowing that I can be “like” you; indeed, that you have made me to be so. I accept that likeness in my relationship with you, while at the same time refusing to play God in relation to others. Amen.”