All Of US

On a day like this I mourn for the nation. I feel empty. While we don’t have all of the facts yet it seems anger reached a boiling point and 5 officers were murdered in Dallas last night because of their skin and because of their job.

We have got to come together. All of us. You and me. We can’t wait on our leaders anymore. We have to be our own leaders. We have to lead by example. We have to reach out to each other in peace. Reach out to strangers and to family. We have to seek out those in pain and help them heal themselves. We have to have honest conversations about why this happened. How did we get here?

I pray for the families of the officers and innocent bystanders killed in last night’s brutal attack. I pray for the murderers and the families of those who were involved in acting out these murders as well. There is no justice here. There is just us. All of us.


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