Dear Mr President

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for always working for world peace despite the seemingly endless obstacles in your way right here in America. Thank you for taking the extra step of not airing the full tapes from the Orlando massacre. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that by airing these tapes in their full we would simply be fueling the fires of hate and acting as tool of the radical propaganda machine. We already have Donald Trump doing that 24/7. It is incredible to me that so many people are so blinded by hate and fear that they can’t even stop and think for 2 seconds how airing something like these tapes could be used to further recruitment of radical murderers. I also find that these people who are so blinded by hate and fear that they think that you, a father of two young daughters, would ever put their safety at risk by trying to further some sort of conspiratorial left wing agenda.

Thank you sir! I pray that your vision for the country carries on long after you have left office.



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