Black and White Thinking – Ending The Two Party System

Might it be time for America to graduate from Multiple Choice testing to the thought provoking Essay test? The black and white, either / or options given to us for political candidates has run it’s course leading us to where the country stands today. Bernie Sander’s amazing run and success shows that a large part of the country agrees. It’s time for the children of America to graduate middle school and have a more thought provoking conversation about all topics that aren’t just “this is good” and “this is bad.” Our world is more complicated than that and we only insult our own intelligence to continue this charade of an election process any longer.

We need a big overhaul. Time to bring more people to the table. We all deserve a seat. It won’t be easy…but it doesn’t have to be hard either. We might have to study a little before the test but if we apply ourselves I think we can do better. Gosh, it all sounds so familiar. 🙂


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