Month: June 2016

One More Thing…

scratching head Peter_Falk_Columbo-e1308956678856

To quote my currently favorite tv detective Columbo “One more thing…” Referring to my last post about being responsible for our world, I said a prayer. I asked God “How can I be more loving to others and myself?” After saying this prayer I sat for a moment and heard “Be more forgiving.”

Sound advice.


Responsible People

I reached the end of my rope this week in listening to the seemingly endless, thoughtless 2nd Amendment posts on Facebook. So many people seemed to have checked their brain at the door on this one. Endless chants for “It’s not a gun problem!” and “I’m a law abiding gun owner! Don’t touch my guns!” Then today, I see this image below:


That’s right. It’s not entirely a gun problem. It is in fact a people problem. So does that mean we agree? Does that mean we could pass some simple laws that might help keep certain guns out of the hands of people unfit to handle them? I guess not.

I’ve seen other posts this week making blanket, untrue statements about the Democrats trying to take ALL of our guns. It isn’t true and it would never happen. But it sure sounds scary and that’s what people like to talk about. What’s scary in your life?

I’ve seen posts about how the Democrats who had a “sit in” were “secret” guns owners and hypocrites. Not true. Not one of them is denying they own guns and NO ONE IS TRYING TO TAKE ALL OF YOUR GUNS. I own a gun and I want stricter laws.

What we should be talking about, which this image above speaks about in an accidentally useful manner, is how are we as people responsible for the level of violence and murder going on in the world? Might sitting down to take a look at our countries history help shed some light on this? We like to use words like “evil” to blanket someone who commits a murderous act so that we don’t have to use our brains. How about instead of labeling someone “evil” we look at how that person or group of people got to where they are? Could there be something we could have done to prevent this or prevent future generations from resorting to murder and war? Could we reach out and talk to these people. Listen without judgement. Forgive.

Could it be possible for all of us to acknowledge our responsibility as people on one planet that we have let each other down in a number of ways? I mean how many countries are at war right now that we don’t even blink an eye at? Women rapes and enslaved. Children bought and sold. The list goes on.

It is a people problem. And until we as people decide to take responsibility for ourselves then nothing changes.

This is a bit of a ramble but hopefully you find something here that is of value. We can all forgive and forget if we want to actually reach peace. We’re all part of the problem and the solution. Just because you are a “law abiding citizen” doesn’t mean you get off on this one. If you’re alive and breathing, you’re just as responsible for the next massacre as the person pulling the trigger. Until we learn to talk about this stuff instead of pointing fingers without offering solutions, we’re all in the same boat.


Dear Mr President

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for always working for world peace despite the seemingly endless obstacles in your way right here in America. Thank you for taking the extra step of not airing the full tapes from the Orlando massacre. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that by airing these tapes in their full we would simply be fueling the fires of hate and acting as tool of the radical propaganda machine. We already have Donald Trump doing that 24/7. It is incredible to me that so many people are so blinded by hate and fear that they can’t even stop and think for 2 seconds how airing something like these tapes could be used to further recruitment of radical murderers. I also find that these people who are so blinded by hate and fear that they think that you, a father of two young daughters, would ever put their safety at risk by trying to further some sort of conspiratorial left wing agenda.

Thank you sir! I pray that your vision for the country carries on long after you have left office.


Black and White Thinking – Ending The Two Party System

Might it be time for America to graduate from Multiple Choice testing to the thought provoking Essay test? The black and white, either / or options given to us for political candidates has run it’s course leading us to where the country stands today. Bernie Sander’s amazing run and success shows that a large part of the country agrees. It’s time for the children of America to graduate middle school and have a more thought provoking conversation about all topics that aren’t just “this is good” and “this is bad.” Our world is more complicated than that and we only insult our own intelligence to continue this charade of an election process any longer.

We need a big overhaul. Time to bring more people to the table. We all deserve a seat. It won’t be easy…but it doesn’t have to be hard either. We might have to study a little before the test but if we apply ourselves I think we can do better. Gosh, it all sounds so familiar. 🙂