Month: May 2016

Donald Trump Grows Up and So Does The Nation?

So I had a thought this morning after listening to a sound bite from Donald Trump at a biker rally. What if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States…and he grows up…and so does the nation?

For months the airwaves have been filled with ignorant, uneducated, hateful speech by Trump. His loyal followers are only invigorated by what he has to say while the rest of us shake our heads in disbelief that so many people in our nation find anything he says believable or acceptable for an adult, let alone someone running to lead the United States. He has exposed an angry, unhappy nation of people who are hurting, whether we understand it or not. So many people living in fear. I include in this fear both his unhappy followers and those afraid that a man like him might actually be our President.

But what if he becomes President and once in office and given a chance to see the world in reality, to see what is actually going on, given information from people who are “in the know,” Donald Trump starts to grow up. Maybe he starts to see beyond his name and his egotistical personality to see that there is more to life than winning. Wouldn’t it be something for a guy like this to do all of this growing in front of a national audience and in doing so, allow his followers to see it’s possible to change? To let go of old ideas and regrets and prejudices. To see things from other people’s perspectives. It would almost be like a reality TV show which, let’s face it is how he has remained so popular, and what a large portion of the population almost demands from it’s political representatives.

And what if all the rest of us who fear a man like him becoming President of United States saw that even someone like him could change and grow…might that help us in our fear wrangling and growing? They say things have to get worse before they get better. Maybe this is what they were talking about. I have no idea. Could be the birth of a new nation though.

Just something to think about.


A Unique And Wonderful World

I wanted to share this video of a young boy with Down Syndrome because it’s a testament to love and acceptance. (Not sure why I can’t embed a Facebook video so link is below)

Video here ->

It also reminded me of some of the completely ignorant and fearful things I’ve read this week regarding the transgender bathroom issue now front and center. I’ve seen so much fear from so many seemingly intelligent people. I’ve seen people compare transgender children to children with down syndrome and call the parents who love and support them as having “loose morals” and a trend in society. I am doing my best to not write angry, hateful words about people who speak and think this way because wether they know it or not, their beliefs inspire hate and their own fears are rooted in a deep fear inside of themselves. I want to ask what is it that so many people are afraid of? What is front and center is about kids feeling more comfortable with themselves. Are you afraid of your own kids because the kids are actually generally fine with all of this. Is it just that Obama has actually helped to allow CHILDREN, we’re talking about the kids right now, to come out and maybe feel more accepted as they grow up?

I’ve talked to my kids about the transgender kids they know at school and what I’ve gathered in their experience is that 99% of the other kids at school fully support kids being labeled as transgender. I asked are they bullied or given a hard time and the answer was a resounding NO except from possibly their parents and other adults. So again, like with so much of the change going on in America right now, all “problems” seem to stem from the supposed adults. Obama didn’t say adults had to let transgender folks use different bathrooms. He’s talking about the schools where it seems, thankfully, our children are more well adjusted to reality than the parents. And my last thought is…really people? We’ve probably been going to the bathroom next to transgender folks all of our lives and didn’t even know. I’m sorry if you can’t go to the bathroom with someone near you. Is it that you’re afraid someone won’t like the smell or hear you pass gas? Time for America to grow up. I guess going to the bathroom is as good a place as any to start.

Thank you for letting me vent.