Top 5 Things On My Mind This Morning


After scrolling through various social media sites this morning and seeing things family and friends have posted I decided to vent a little. My first draft had more curse words. 😉

1. Nobody is going to come take your guns. There are so many guns out there it would take an ARMY to pry your weapon from your cold dead hands.

2. Some people can’t afford health care or food. Some people take advantage of the system. Such is life right now. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let’s feed and care for people since we CAN. Because we CAN.

3. Seth Rogen’s comment on Twitter has nothing to do with Michael Moore and he was talking about the quality of the movie not the actual sniper. Based on the trailer, I think the movie looks horribly acted and exploitative too which has nothing to with dishonoring the actual man himself. MOVIE does not = REAL LIFE

4. Michael Moore likes to push buttons. Grow up and ignore him if he makes you mad. Turn the channel. I know the batteries in the remote are low but you can still get up and manually do it. They only put him on the air because it gets people polarized and divided.

5. All the anger in this country is rooted in fear. Fear grows from ignorance. Let’s turn on the lights. Education is critical. Shouldn’t we make education a top priority for the future of our country? Free school because we CAN. Maybe our children will live in a world with less fear and hate. I’d throw in money for that Kickstarter.

Deep breath. Ahhhhh. All is well. You are loved. 🙂



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