We Need Not Defend Ourselves Against Illusions


“As you become more and more aware of people playing in their illusions, you notice that their play is like that of children playing imaginary games. When you see them as children playing games, this does not come from a sense of superiority, but from an understanding of their eternal innocence. When they judge you, now you understand that you need not defend yourself against a child’s imaginary game. Regardless how many illusionary bullets in the form of judgmental words they shoot your way, they cannot hurt you. Your choice to not defend yourself is thus not a sign of weakness, but of clarity, knowledge, and strength. Your inner strength comes from knowing that you remain always as God created you, and that there is nothing, no illusion that can change the changeless, or replace the irreplaceable in you. You understand that you do not need defend yourself, not because you are not worth defending, but because there is truly nothing to defend against.

Today when you consciously choose to not defend yourself you reinforce your strength. When there is no longer judgment, self-judgment, or the endless need to protect yourself, the state of peace, your natural state results.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros, You Have Chosen To Remember


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