No Longer Blocking Our Awareness to the Presence of Peace


“When we lack peace in any situation, please do not despair, for it is really not peace that we lack, it is the tools to see peace that are lacking. It is not that peace is not available, but that the thoughts and attitudes we have been programmed with are blocking our awareness to the presence of peace. Once these thoughts and attitudes are dismantled, all that will remain is the state of peace. As we continue to practice aligning with the truth in us, with the compassionate, forgiving, and loving persons that we are, our attitudes mature, our sense of self-worth strengthens, and greater peace results. As our truth is reinforced we become more confident that our inner peace has actually very little to do with our outside environment, and more to do with how we feel about ourselves.

Today let us notice that when we consciously align with the truth in us, the world itself will seem to “soften.” This softening is not a result of the world changing, it is a result of us once again realigning with who we truly are, the sons and daughters of Peace.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros


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