The Truth Is Within You Now


“Today we will remember that enlightenment is not a change into something more or better, but a simple recognition of who we already truly are. Your light is in you forever now; it cannot be lost, why fantasize about finding it in the future, or be deceived into believing you have lost it to the past?

Today no clouds will make us forget that the sun still and always shines. Today we will be the rays of hope our brothers and sisters have been longing for. Today we will offer hope to those who have been programmed to believe that they are hopeless. When our brothers or sisters use words or actions that would normally be judged by this world, we will instead remind them of their everlasting light by gifting them our love, forgiveness, and support. And when this illusionary world would insist that our reaction must be anger, today we make it a conscious point to return to the truth within, and react with compassion and understanding.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros


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