Birth Of The Present Moment


“Imagine a day where we lay down every one of the ego’s trinkets and toys, where every thought of anger is forgiven, every belief of stress released, and every need for judgment is let go. Imagine expanding this day from one to many and from many to more. This is the gift and opportunity that is being presented to us every single moment of every single day. Every single moment is birthed from the womb of truth, with it having one simple desire, to be held by us. Wholeheartedly place the moment in God/Source’s arms and the need for anger, stress, and judgment dissolve.

Today whenever the fog of forgetfulness tries to hide the present moment, return your focus to the everlasting truth within, the place where anger, stress, and judgment, evaporate before your light and birth right. Today we express our truth and no longer allow God’s grace to shine in unawareness.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros


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