Peaceful Compassionate Companions


“How often have we unconsciously allowed anger and resentment to be our daily companions? Today we do the opposite of what in the past has not worked for us. Today we consciously invite peace and compassion to be our companions. The goal for any activity belongs at the beginning of that activity. If we desire to experience more peace and compassion during our day, then before any interaction, remind yourself that peace and compassion are your goals for this interaction. Simply align your thinking with the state of mind that says: “Peace and compassion are my inheritance, an extension and expression of the Love that is my true essence, and it is this I desire to share and experience.” It will be these small daily victories, realigning with the expression of your true essence, that will further inspire and reinforce in you that peace and compassion can become a natural and expected part of your day.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros, You Have Chosen To Remember


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