A Deeper Voice

listening in nature

“There is a deeper voice of God, which you must learn to hear and obey in the second half of life. It will sound like the voice of risk, of trust, of surrender, of soul, of common sense, of destiny, of love, of an intimate stranger, of your deepest self. You need to discriminate the voices of the Loyal Soldier from the voice of the Holy Spirit. God never leads by guilt or shame!

The deeper faith journey begins when you start to listen to and follow God’s inner voice, and not just shame-based early conditioning. God leads by loving the soul at ever-deeper levels, not by shaming at superficial levels.”

~ Richard Rohr



  1. But there is also a problem in obeying inner voices! You may not knew to whom it might comes from.Right now, I can discern that whom the voice he hear might come from the devil. Cause, if he hear it from The Holy Spirit, he will be in this moment in time, in the right Church. But since he was still outside the right Church, the voice he heard was from the devil.

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