Prodigal Nature


“The very effort to be honest before God may well define the task that lies at the heart of the spiritual life. It is not, as some suppose, a mystical experience, or transcendent high. It is not, as others suppose, encounters with silence and emptiness. Nor, as still others suppose, is it the task of spiritual discipline. It is the elemental business of shedding the masks behind which we hide, until we are able to own our prodigal nature as human beings who are deeply flawed, but greatly loved.”

~ Frederick Schmidt



    1. Hi Eric. Fred Schmidt is now a professor at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary in Illinois. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner as I wasn’t really familiar with him myself and had to check with a friend on who exactly he was. He used to be an Episcopal priest and I believe once taught at SMU. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you. I was considering using the quote. However I didn’t know the source. It is a great difficulty staying steady – on course – in Christian life. There are many avenues toward spiritual growth and some are more attractive or less at any particular time in a life.

        I have ventured upon many of these. In the end, I did come home. At this point, as I recount what I learned, the most important lessons typically are in stories like the one of today’s subject, C. S. Lewis:

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