Evidence Of A Fruitful Life


On Christmas morning do you clean up the wrapping paper or leave it on the floor for a while? Do you run the dishwasher every night after dinner or do you leave the dishes for the next day? So often we rush to clean and put away the “dishes” in our life. We label these things as “messes” needing control. What exactly are we trying to control? Any evidence of a fruitful life?

As I was standing in the kitchen this morning making coffee, I felt a tightness in my head (a resistance to letting go, letting love flow, etc) and took a moment to ask God “What is it you want me to learn from this moment?” I noticed the small stack of dishes in the sink. The cookie sheet left out on the counter from last night’s amazing chicken, rice and kale dinner. A stirring spoon left on the counter from yesterday’s morning’s coffee.

We all choose how we see our world. In the past I might have felt a need to clean and straighten. I would have only noticed a lack. This morning I saw the results of a happy and plentiful life thanks to God. I am lucky to have coffee and a coffee maker to enjoy each morning and the spoon to stir in the sweetener. I am blessed to have a beautiful woman in my life who is an amazing cook and a  job that allows me the money to buy food that can help us easily feed 4 hungry mouths each night of the week. Heck, I have a sweet kitchen that gives us the space to get it dirty!

Getting closer to God is about learning to give up control. Sometimes this can be accomplished through something as simple as leaving a few dishes out overnight. When you start to loosen your grip on straightening and ordering, you begin to let the world appear as it is in reality, not as you try to make it appear. And if you’re willing to see reality, you will see the signs of a fruitful life all around you.

I give thanks!



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