Story Of Freedom


“There are two ways of telling your story. One is to tell it compulsively and urgently, to keep returning to it because you see your present suffering as the result of your past experiences. But there is another way. You can tell your story from the place where it no longer dominates you. You can speak about it with a certain distance and see it as the way to your present freedom. The compulsion to tell your story is gone. From the perspective of the life you now live and the distance you now have, your past does no loom over you. It has lost it’s weight and can be remembered as God’s way of making you more compassionate and understanding toward others.”

~ Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love

Start looking at your own story with less interest. Everyone has a story and yours is but one of an infinite number of pathways leading to the same destination. I mean no disrespect as I am also speaking to my own fading desire to “tell my tale.” Is it really that interesting to keep feeling wounded? That’s what we are doing every time we accept an old “storyline” as something new or present.

Remember fondly the path that led you to Freedom and feel blessed to be here. Pay attention to the now and get excited. The best is yet to come!


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