Offering Gratitude


“In this time of Thanksgiving let us offer gratitude to all those parts of us that we have been programmed to continually put down. For example, when we are in a state of fear, we have been programmed to believe that we are there because we are not strong enough. When we are in a state of stress we have been programmed to believe that we are there because we are not wise enough. Thus every time we experience these states we unconsciously also punish put ourselves down.

It is in those areas of our life that we need to develop our ability to be grateful. When we strengthen those areas of our life, by seeing them as the gifts to us they truly are, that is when our union with our Creator becomes clearer. Fear, stress, every moment, regardless of how the ego has taught us to define it, is an expression of who and where we are at that moment in time. Where we are is always the perfect place for our greatest growth and development.

We are love, an extension, expression of God/Source, yet we cannot love what we don’t appreciate. When we don’t appreciate ourselves exactly as we are, then we fail to love ourselves, fail to see our union with God/source, and thus feel lonely, lost, and confuse. Feeling alone, lost, and confused is what allows for the expressions and emotions of fear and stress to manifest themselves. Yet it is these types of expressions that are our greatest reminders that we are not where we truly belong. We belong in the states of peace, love, and joy. Thus expressions such as fear and stress come to us to guides us out of the state of confusion, and for that let us offer them the gratitude that they deserve. Let us also offer ourselves the compassion, respect, and gratitude that we deserve in every moment, for being wise and strong enough to allow these expressions to be experience in order to help reunite us with whom we truly are.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros, author “You Have Chosen to Remember”

I am thankful to be able to reblog this from today’s Facebook post via James Blanchard Cisneros.

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