Mothers Of The World

When I was a child my parents were Gods. They were not ordinary people. They did not have a past or future. They were simply Mom and Dad, the two who made things happen. The two who made things okay.

One of the many wonderful things about growing up is that you get to rediscover your parents as people. Real people. People with a past. People who struggled. People who have dreams and desires. People who have tasted both success and failure. People in all their glorious messiness with a cherry on top.

Just like me. Just like you.

I am grateful for both of my parents. I am so very grateful for my Mom and Dad.

I ran across this amazing video yesterday and wanted to share it. Thank you to all of the Mom’s out there who do the work of the Gods, day in and day out.  Thank you to my own Mom. Thank you to the Mother of my step children and my first born child on the way. Where would the world be without the Mothers of the world?

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