Remember and Reflect


“You will see reflecting from others what you are holding and supporting within yourself. And so today we work on reshaping our inner world so that the outer world can be a reflection of our efforts. Today let us slow down our thinking long enough to truly see how every thought we think helps build the world we see and experience. In every interaction, we silently offer our sisters and brothers gratitude for volunteering to reflect our inner condition. We acknowledge to ourselves that they are in our life to help us create a more peaceful and joyful place within our heart and minds. Today we slow down time by making, before every interaction, a concerted effort to refocus our minds to offer them, thoughts of compassion, forgiveness, peace, and joy. Today we remember that the world we see is simply a reflection of the thoughts we think.”

James Blanchard Cisneros, Author of “You Have Chosen to Remember

Return to your heart. Slow down and remember to be grateful for the mirrors in your life. Peace begins within.


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