Live From The Heart


“Among the many reasons why we are told to live “from the heart” is that the heart simplifies what the mind makes complex. For example, the mind searches for “the best prayer plan” (which is a never-ending quest because there are so many, and new ones keep coming out), while the heart just says, “God, I am tired.” In that moment, God responds with an equal simplicity, “I know. Go take a nap.” In that way Heart speaks to heart.”

~ Steve Harper, author “Fresh Wind Blowing: Living in God’s New Pentecost

When we choose to “live from the heart” we gain direct access to our limitless potential. That sounds nice. Remind me how I get there again? On my journey I’ve found there are so many ways to enter your heart space. You could make a day of it or you could surrender and do it now. It all depends on what you want.

Here is one simple description I found online for dropping into your heart:

  1. Breathe in. On exhale, simply relax your physiology: Drop your shoulders and allow your awareness to relax into the center of your being or physical body. Notice the calmness and stillness and absence of thought. From this space, notice what you notice. What information begins to well up from your inner being?

To me this is surrender. This is that “I give up!” moment. The Ego would have you believe that “surrender” is a dirty word when in fact it is quite the opposite. Society dictates you avoid it all costs. “Never Surrender!” goes the battle cry. This reminds me a great line from author Robert Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers,” a story about the futility of war, which goes “They’ll keep fighting…and they’ll win!” Below is a little clip from the propaganda reels in the movie version of the film that always makes me laugh.

Will you “keep fighting and win” or simply surrender and listen to your heart? On my journey, I feel like I’ve done it the hard way for so long. I’m ready for simple.



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