The Perfect Gift


“Today let us search for what we can appreciate in others, and ourselves, instead of searching for what we can judge and condemn. Many times we look at others through the prism of what we think they are not, define their worth as lacking, and then complain that our relationships seem lacking. When we focus on lack, we will find our relationships lacking. And so today let us shift our focus from thoughts of lack/deficiencies to thoughts of worth/appreciation. A person worth is inherent, changeless in its eternal nature, thus we cannot add to nor subtract from it. A person’s may choose to showcase or hide their worth, yet that does not make their worth any more or less infinite. No one should ever need to prove their worth to you, nor should you need to prove your worth to others; no one ever needs justify their worth/life, even to themselves.

Today let us reclaim our truth: “Our worth is perfect, gifted to us in our creation, changeless in time. We, nor anyone else can ever take away from or add to our worth.””

~ James Blanchard Cisneros, “You Have Chosen to Remember


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