Helping Others By Improving Ourselves


I am so grateful to find the perfect words via today’s post by James Blanchard Cisneros. I hope you have a peaceful day.


“The best way to help other people is to focus on and improve your own internal reality, yourself. Improving you, means improving the world. We are One, Oneness is the truth of our reality, and thus it is impossible to abandon the world if you only focus on improving yourself and realigning with the truth within. When you develop your sense of inner peace, others will feel more peaceful in your presence. When you make being forgiving and compassionate your internal focus, others will feel safer and more secure around you and in themselves. Others will see and feel in you, what they desire for themselves.

Today we choose not to focus on trying to fix the outside world so that we can feel better about it when we look at it; instead we fix the source of those problems, us. We realign our internal perception with the states of peace, forgiveness, and compassion, and so what will be projected from us will be a more peaceful, compassionate, and forgiving world. Today we lead by example, and by doing so, become the solution.”

~ James Blanchard Cisneros, author of “You Have Chosen to Remember



  1. Great post. Love it. I have a post in my head with a title something like “You can’t help others if you’re dead.” I’m trying to soften it up a bit, but that definitely qualifies as ‘catchy’…

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