Honor The Past


I took these words from yesterday’s Facebook post by author James Blanchard Cisneros, author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember.”  This is a good one to sit and read aloud to yourself. Hear the words.  I am grateful to have found his book a couple of years ago.

Past, Present, and Future Selves

“Today we honor our past-selves for who we are today. We honor all he/she took on and overcame for us to become the strong, kind, compassionate, loving, joyful, and self-loving being we are today. We travel back within our minds to him/her, and offer our sincerest appreciation and full support. We encourage him/her to stay strong, and with a gentle smile we remind them that all will be all right, and that what they are going through, can and will be gotten through.

Anytime we in the present, find ourselves struggling, stressful, and dealing with confusion, we know that our future-self is always available to us, to come to our aid, to help lift us up and encourage us to accomplish what we have come here to do. Our future-self with deep appreciation whispers to our hearts that all will be all right, that the struggles will be overcome, the stress will subside, and that the fog of confusion will through our efforts be lifted. Your future-self is always available to you, deeply honored and ready to be of service, appreciative and grateful of your present-self and his/her efforts, just as your present-self is of your past-self. You have a wise and powerful friend within; call on him/her any time you wish to remember the truth and strength in you.”


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