A Journey Of Education

Do you know the story of Muhammad’s Night Journey and The Ascension? How familiar are you with Islam? How familiar are you with any religion other than your own? I am sorry to say that my education concerning religions other than Christianity is very minimal as my exposure to them growing up was limited.

It seems that I am not alone in this ignorance as most folks tend to only have a general knowledge of their own religion and really just about any subject. Had any political discussions lately? LOL. It’s shocking how much most of us just regurgitate what we hear with little true understanding of a subject and then march boldly into the night. I’m guilty of it.

We all know that education is the key to understanding so in an age where our news and education comes in bite size nuggets giving us half the story if we’re lucky, it’s no wonder that the world is at war with itself.

I do find it interesting that as a society we have taken religion out of the education system. I’m not advocating religious doctrine be implemented into school curriculum but wouldn’t it be in our best interest to give our kids a good basic understanding of the people around them? Isn’t that the point of an education? Am I the only one who finds it counter-intuitive to send our kids to school and then tell them to pretend religion doesn’t exist and treat it like a taboo? That’s like learning about cars but leaving out any information on the brakes or what fuels them. Good luck! Happy motoring! 😉

It wasn’t until I was in college that I was able to take a course on World Religion. Even at 8 am I found it fascinating and eye opening. And all of this isn’t even just about religion. It’s about having all the information. Imagine if our children were actually given the chance to see the world as it is before their minds were filled up with so much fluff. Imagine the future we might live in.

At the end of the day I suppose we are all responsible for our own education. All of these bits of news and information are just useful tools of manipulation if we don’t take it upon ourselves to dig deeper.

I honestly didn’t mean to go off on what might be considered a rant in this post and hopefully any message in here might still shine through.

Life is a journey of education and we’re all in this together. Let’s agree and disagree and have a discussion and present information and find a way to get along because otherwise what’s the point? What are you seeking? I don’t know about you but I’m seeking peace.



  1. Public schools do not offer this due to diversity. There will private schools where one can pursue personal religion. When one grows up, we are mature enough to study and understand other religion thereby taking an elective course. Islam is one of the major religion so is Buddhism, Jewish, Catholicism, etc. Huston Smith published a good book about worlds religion. Peace comes from acceptance. Acceptance of other’s religious belief.

    1. What better way to increase the peace then to increase understanding from the get go? Let’s stop making excuses for continuing to manufacture ignorance. True diversity includes everything and everyone. 🙂

  2. As a society we are making excuses if we allow limited thinking to continue. Your first statement was “Public schools do not offer this due to diversity.” You’re right. That is the excuse society uses to continue the status quo. Are you a part of society? I am. So as a part of society I include myself as guilty of making excuses in the past. Absolutely. How about you? We have to get past that part of the equation because it’s all ego based. What I’m saying is let us all, being larger then just you and me yet also including you and me, start working toward changing things. If you’re on the front lines fighting the good fight then hats off to you! I’m not making a condemnation but simply a call for action. 🙂

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