Alan Watts Teaches The Art Of Meditation

Do you meditate? I began practicing meditation a few years ago with varying degrees of success. That was my first mistake. I went into meditation with a purpose and certain level of expectation. I thought I was trying to reach a certain state or feeling. Turns out that is the exact opposite of what meditation is intended to present to your mind and explains why I had so much difficulty maintaining a consistent practice.

I came across this hour and half long audio session with Alan Watts teaching the Art of Meditation and it is the absolute best description of the practice I’ve experienced. If you have a desire to increase the value of your meditation time I’d suggest taking a listen. Like I said it’s a long session so to really get the full impact of the teaching I’d make sure you have a good, quiet, uninterrupted space to yourself before you begin.

I hope you find something valuable in this lecture.



  1. Finally took an afternoon to listen to this whole thing. Couldn’t have been better timing for me because I’ll be facilitating an introduction to meditation gathering next week! Thanks!!

  2. Alan Watts is definitely interesting to listen to. His wonderful Britsh accent and deep voice certainly give him, a sense of “authority” in his subject of meditation. But, there is a difference between the “symbols of the world” from a “Western” perspective, and the “spiritual symbols” wherein one walks through the veil of “Western perspective” into “Eastern spiritual perspective”. The Traditional Chinese “The Dao” describes in riddle. Finding the solution to the Riddle and the black and white circle symbol: Astrology, one’s individual astrology chart and learning its meaning. The Buddhists talk in riddle, you will see them create the astrological symbols of sand in brilliant symbolic colors, which definitely have specific spiritual meanings, then they destroy it all, symbolic of nothing stays constant. The Asians do not believe in “god”, but various energies, symbolized by the constellations, the houses of the zodiac, and their ruling energies. Life is various forms of spiritual energies through which we are able to get into closer contact through the understanding of the various spiritual symbols. When one has studied astrology and numerology, one comes to understand that there is more than meets the eye definitely, becoming one with the spiritual energy of one’s life, one’s individual astrological chart and numerology of which the Asian spiritual traditions practice, but talk about only in riddles because the common individual who does not study such things would only become confused. Each of the philosophers, profound they may sound, those who have studied astrology and numerology (for years, I have studied for 27 years), come to understand there is more than what “Western” philosophers are able to express, unless they have studied for years, these true Asian spiritual traditions. Opening the inner eye to universal consciousness is a life-long journey, through which many of the popular “Western” philosophers, still have not accomplished, though they expound on the virtues of meditation.

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