Is It Time To Wake Up?

What do you think would happen if you just stopped and listened to the music of life right now without your personal filter?

We write books, blogs, plays and movies, build enormous monuments and buildings, ride bikes, run races, swim laps, paint houses, mow lawns, etc etc etc. Why do we do these things? One might theorize that we do these things to prove to our egoic mind that we are alive. To prove to ourselves, to God, to the world that we exist. We are here. We matter. We are alive.

God / Source / Universe began singing this song a long time ago and that beautiful melody continues on right this very moment. Can you hear it? Maybe if we all weren’t running around trying to make sure we get to put in our 2 cents on how that melody should sound we could really enjoy the performance.

We were all graced with free will do what we want. I have faith that is part of the composition. But what would happen if we just stop trying to control everything through rituals and desires and listen to the music going on all around us and inside us every moment of the day?

What if we woke up to this amazing dream we call life and gave it unconditional love? How would your life change? How would the world change?

I have no idea but can you imagine the possibilities?



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