Screws Loose And Coming Unhinged

Funny thing happened yesterday as I went to close the front door to our house. As I came home from grabbing some food, the screws in the door hinges started dropping from the frame and suddenly the entire door came away from the wall. Turns out the kind folks who installed the door put in screws that were too short so each time we open and closed that door the screws were stripping the holes and working their way out. Pretty funny.

At that moment it wasn’t funny to me though. I had a laundry list of reasons this was pissing me off. Limited time. Limited resources. I let myself get angry and frustrated. In my mind, the Universe / God / Source was testing my patience and I was choosing to fail that test. How do moments like this happen?

The triggers are probably very person and “problem” specific but the big picture issue that changes the frame of mind is moving from circular time to linear time. Present moment living to past or future moment living. I can look back at this moment clearly right now and imagine all the little thoughts of insecurity that flashed through my mind.

“How I will get this fixed before company gets here?” “What if the dog gets out?” “How much is this going to cost?” “Why don’t I know how to repair my home?” “Why is this happening to me?”

All of these thoughts are fears created by the egoic mind that sucked me right out of the present moment. Not one of them is happening or matter in the least.

This ever happen to you? You get a flat tire. You trip and fall on the sidewalk. Your pencil lead breaks. Your front door comes off it’s hinges. LOL. Doesn’t matter what it is. How you react to RIGHT NOW is all that matters if how you feel really matters to you. The past is over so “why me” is a sorry excuse for running from the present. The future never comes because that perceived moment is always presented as the “present” so really what does that leave you? It leaves you right here, right now, living in the moment!

My takeaway from this little moment among one endless moment is life is wonderful and full of beautiful lessons. I mean seriously, how incredibly poetic is the metaphor of a DOORWAY coming UNHINGED because of a LOOSE SCREW? 🙂

Tighten your screws, check those hinges, make your way through that doorway and keep living in the moment if you care about how you feel. I love this life. Thank you Kat.


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