Ego Trap

Ego Trap

It’s so simple to get caught in one of these traps. Fear not though. It can be equally simple to free yourself.


  1. Gosh this is right up my alley. I ride my bike, use crystals, am a Reiki practitioner, eat vegetarian..etc etc etc…For the most part I don’t judge others, but there are definitely INDIVIDUALS I judge/feel superior to. I am sure this is my Ego once again. Thank you for this great reminder.


    1. We can spend our life time running from our mistakes, with no direction, just hoping we never have to face them or own up to the past decisions we made, ashamed and embarrassed, scared that at some point we may run into someone who will recognize the ghosts of our experiences, and judge us solely for the actions of a soul who is trying to evolve, but just can’t let go of the person we once were, so we rather run then stop and face the fears, rather run than stop to look those we hurt in the face and ask for forgiveness, we stay running from things that do not even exist anymore, and we are so consumed with getting away that we forget to live at peace with our self and love the person we are, we forget to forgive and let go, we forget to make the best of it, we tend to lose our self in this process, and then we put blame on our spirit, and we stay running in circles, instead of just stopping and facing every fear that we ourselves have created.

      Judgment is for the weak, and our choices and our experiences are exactly what we needed to become better, to learn from the lesson to blossom and flourish, to move on to the next chapter with confidence, to forgive the ourselves for those we hurt, to love ourselves unconditionally, to have the courage to change our circumstance and always see life as the beautiful creation we are deeply apart of, to learn to stop running from ourselves and our own greatness.

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