Watch Your Step

How do you move though life? Are you paying attention or are you running on an old program called assumption? The floor was here yesterday so shouldn’t it be here every day? 🙂

This video found me this morning and does a great job illustrating something I was thinking about last night. How many of us walk around like the people in this video? Sometimes we start moving about our day and thinking about what’s next or what was and suddenly we’ve forgotten to REALLY pay attention to what’s now! Take a look at all the things we assume are there and seemingly ignore like the ground beneath us, the glass in a door, or even the breath in our lungs.

What would life be like if we snapped out of our thoughts and really paid attention to all that is happening right now?

Try taking something seemingly ordinary and really paying attention to every thing about it. Maybe making a cup of coffee or brushing your teeth. Put your focus on the movement and the feeling as it is happening. Don’t concentrate on how the coffee will taste when it’s brewed or how your mouth will feel when once you’ve rinsed. Just enjoy and pay attention to all the movements and feelings happening right now as you do them.

I think this leads to a more fulfilling life experience and greater appreciation for present moment living. I also realize that change is our natural state so staying in this frame of mindfulness might feel unrealistic. Nature rarely moves in a straight line, so just be aware that you’ll probably have to do some course correction throughout your day. No such thing as autopilot!

Just slow down and ask yourself “what’s the hurry?” Appreciate right now in all it’s beautiful, subtle detail.

We can fully experience and live the complete love that we are right now just by slowing down and pay attention to right now.

Watch your step out there!


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